February 9, 2017

For years, immigration authorities gave this Arizona mother a pass. Now she has been deported.

“About eight years ago, there was a knock on Guadalupe García de Rayos’s door. Authorities had come to arrest the undocumented mother of two U.S.-born children, a Mexican native who had lived north of the border since she was 14. The Phoenix mother was detained for months and eventually ordered to be sent back to Mexico. But for the subsequent years, after she appealed her voluntary deportation, García de Rayos was allowed to remain in the United States, as long as she checked in once a year, and then every six months. . . .” read more

Mother deported in Arizona immigration case that sparked protests: “She wanted to confront this”

“PHOENIX, Arizona — Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, a mother of two who was taken into custody during her yearly check-in with immigration officials in Phoenix, has been deported to her native Mexico, advocates working with her family said Thursday. Carlos Garcia, director of immigration rights group Puente Arizona, told reporters that Garcia de Rayos had been deported to Nogales, Mexico — the same border area where she illegally entered the United States as a teenager with her parents. Now 35, Garcia de Rayos has two children — both born in the United States. . . .” read more

Children of Immigrant Deported to Mexico Speak Out: ‘She Belongs With Us’

Guadalupe García de Rayos’ children spoke out in Phoenix on Thursday about watching their mother’s sudden deportation, while immigrants’ rights advocates warned that similar cases are likely to follow across the country. “No one should ever go through the pain of having their mom taken away from them,” García de Rayos’ 14-year-old daughter, Jacqueline, said at a press conference. “No one should be packing their mother’s suitcase.” García de Rayos, 35, was deported to Mexico on Thursday morning after being arrested during a routine check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), sparking protests outside the ICE office. . . .” read more

Supporters in Arizona rally behind woman deported in Trump immigration crackdown

Arizona immigration activists prodded Phoenix politicians and law enforcement to declare the city a sanctuary for immigrants in the country illegally after a mother of two U.S. citizens was deported Thursday morning. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 36, was deported to Nogales, Mexico, early Thursday, said her attorney, Ray Ybarra Maldonado. As a nonviolent felon, she was considered a low priority for deportation under the Obama administration, but an executive order by President Trump widened the priorities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to include all immigrants in the country illegally with a criminal record. . . .” read more

Arizona woman deported to Mexico despite complying with immigration officials

“An Arizona woman who was in the US illegally but had been allowed to stay, on the condition that she check in annually with immigration officials, has been deported to Mexico after new policies put into effect by Donald Trump. Guadalupe García de Rayos, a 36-year-old mother of two US citizens, was a non-violent felon who had for years complied with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) orders after being convicted of using a fake social security number to work. But on Wednesday, when she went for her usual check-in, Ice agents took her into custody instead, separating her from her husband and children, who were waiting outside. . . .” read more