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Ybarra Maldonado’s book Born on the Border: Minutemen Vigilantes, Origins of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Movement, and a Call for Increased Civil Disobedience details his human rights work on the U.S.-Mexico Border and calls for human mobility to be recognized as a human right… read more

Ray Ybarra is well-known for leading teams of legal observers through the southern Arizona desert tracking Minutemen volunteers on the lookout for undocumented migrants. Ybarra told an audience last night in Denver that it’s time for the immigrant-rights movement to go on the offensive… read more

A student of Cochise Community College in Douglas, Arizona (AZ), Ray Ybarra went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University in 2002, and then, to interrupt his legal education at Stanford Law School with an daring project following and fighting (legally) the right-wing… read more

Ray said he grew tired of hearing about Mexicans dying in the desert en route to the U.S. He eventually went to Stanford University Law School, where he was uncomfortable by the inherent wealth. He landed a fellowship with the ACLU and returned to Arizona… read more

He didn’t want gun-toting activists to add to the toll. “Last year one girl died right by this road,” Ybarra said in April, referring to a victim of dehydration. He was looking down on a stretch of dust that serves as an international boundary near the border town of… read more

NEW YORK–The American Civil Liberties Union today announced the six inaugural recipients of the Ira Glasser Racial Justice Fellowship. Designed to address enduring racial inequalities, including social and economic inequalities caused by historical and current discrimination… read more

There are literally millions of American patriots who are standing up for this country’s highest values in everyday ways within the context of their own lives. But if I had to select one person to honor at this time, I would choose Ray Ybarra, a young man who has interrupted… read more

Many are calling Arizona “ground zero” of the immigration debate in the United States. Ground zero shifted north last week, bringing the debate to Flagstaff. About 100 people piled into Gardner auditorium in the W.A. Franke College of Business on Monday, Feb. 3 to hear… read more

In early spring of this year, the fringes of the far right were abuzz with talk of the “Minuteman Project,” a group organized by Jim Gilchrist, a retired Orange County accountant, and an ex-elementary teacher named Chris Simcox. Gilchrist promised to “do the jobs the government won’t do”… read more

The American Civil Liberties Union has warned the 950 volunteers expected to take part next month in an Arizona border vigil against illegal immigration that it is assigning monitors to ensure none of the aliens are abused. The warning came in the wake of meetings… read more